Brass Touch Modern High-Tech Chrome Kitchen Faucet

Depending on the current technological evolution, families want their kitchen to be of high tech and ultra modern design. For a price above most peoples range, here is a kitchen faucet that offers technological innovations in addition to excellent design. The brass touches modern chrome is part of it using technologies like other modern brands.

brass faucet

Characteristics of this faucet

The brass touch modern high-tech chrome kitchen faucet is the most expensive among the top 10 products that we have tested. The product is of better quality despite its expensive price. The metal structure of this intelligent tap, that is to say brass, is obtained from a mixture of zinc and copper. The manufacturer covers the finish coat of this device with chromium for added brightness and durability.

The style of this modern brass tap is a retro look to remind traditional products. It is mainly related to its color but also its design and size. For the brass kitchen faucet to be hard, it must be cleaned at least once a week. You just have to wet white vinegar with a rag and you’re done. Moisture in the kitchen could cause the brass material to oxidize over time.

Users of this type of faucet can save water and electricity. As with this brand of faucet, this high-tech valve is durable to use thanks to its ceramic valve. The materials that make up these branded products respect health and reduce water wastage.

High-tech and ultra modern

To not be wrong when buying the modern chrome plated brass, different points need to be considered. These are, among others, the weight that must be bulky because the product is designed in brass but not in other materials (like aluminum and zinc). The indication of the weight of the product can give an idea on this. The only handle on this product should be brass for more strength.

When installing, by the owner or by a professional, ensure that the water hoses on it are of high quality. It is strongly recommended to use pipes made of EPDM, stainless steel braid and PVC to avoid oxidation over time. A good installation of your faucet valve guarantees the waterproofness of this material.

The cartridge of this brass intelligent tap is equipped with an anti-limestone device for filtering water. For other brands such as Hansgrohe, they are equipped with QuickClean technology with the same functionality. The goal is to make life easy for users of these products which can as well drink straight tap water. Expenditures on purchases of bottled mineral water can be reduced. It is enough just of a slight passage of finger on the faucet of the tap to be able to eliminate the limestone.

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