How To Install Your Kitchen Faucet?

faucet installation

In the case of decorations it pays to work with more ecological thinking, households prefer to replace their traditional faucets with a better one. You wonder, however, how to install this as a pro? In fact, you can do it yourself because these products are always delivered with an instruction manual for mounting. Just make sure that all the materials for the installation are there. Prepare well before you take action!

Materials needed to install the faucet valve

With the internet, you have the choice of not using the help of a professional to mount your kitchen faucet. Especially since you can consult the assembly instructions integrated with the product to make it easier for you. Check whether or not you have the following list of materials for installation. In fact, you need a kit, water inlet hoses, a wrench, a threaded rod and two bi conical fittings.

These are the different parts that make up your product and need to be assembled at the very beginning of the installation. A complete kit is usually composed of a water and energy saving tap, which is one of the criteria for choosing your kitchen faucet, a brass, a projection, a spout, Two supply hoses, a ceramic cartridge.

A mounting kit is often associated with this. For example, an Eco-Click washbasin with a chrome retractable shower head has two-piece corner faucets, a wash-basin with white curved siphon and a 40 mm drain plug.

Water inlet hoses

The hoses serve as a connection to your entire installation. For more flexibility in the use of your economical faucet, a wide choice of hoses is offered to you whether male or female and varied in size from 30 cm to 1 m. When installing the hoses, check that it is properly connected to the faucet and the water inlets: hot and cold.

Threaded shaft

The threaded rod is a necessary accessory for mounting your product. If it is not included in the kit, customers sometimes experience installation problems.

Biconical connections

These are seamless copper fittings. They are used to assemble the supply hoses of your tap. These are easy to install accessories even for non-DIY enthusiasts because its assembly does not require soldering. A perfect water tightness is guaranteed by these types of fittings by metal-to-metal pressure effect. Take care that your nut is well adapted to the diameter of the tube.


During all the stages of the installation of your kitchen faucet, it is advisable to have a wrench to screw properly when assembling equipment.

Other tools are also needed such as a pliers, sink wrench, flat wrench, fixing nut and a plan of action.

Follow our steps to install the faucet!

You must be vigilant before starting to install a kitchen faucet! Water should be cut to prevent leakage in your home. The duration of the work is generally 45 minutes if you still have to remove your old tap. Otherwise, everything is achievable in just 30 minutes. Rest assured, even if you are not expert in plumbing works you should be able to realize this installation because the assembly is not finally so complicated!

Step 1: Assemble!

The components of the faucet kit must be assembled first. The two water supply hoses must be connected afterwards. To ensure the water tightness of your valve, the valve body must be fitted with seals.

Step 2: Install!

Have you already prepared the location to put your on your work surface? If this is the case, the base of the valve must be inserted in this empty part. After that, you have to fix the seals and fixing nut below your plane with a flat key.

Step 3: Connect!

The two hoses must be connected now so that the hot and cold water comes to your product! The screwing can be done by hand while finishing the fixing with the aid of a flat key.

Step 4: Turn on the water!

You can open the water valve for the last step of this tutorial. Air must be allowed to escape inside the hoses after the filter is unscrewed. Before attempting the water flow of your valve, make sure that the filter is well assembled.

Installation is complete! Be careful because the good success of mounting your faucet intelligently ensures good functionality for your kitchen faucet.