K7 Kitchen Faucet, Medium Spout, Professional Spray: Review

Facilitating the culinary production stages of pro chef chefs is this companies goal in designing this unique mixer model. Kitchen lovers with large sinks can use the K7 Kitchen Faucet with Medium Spout and Professional Spray. This device became famous in its category by winning the Red Dot Design Award and has since been exhibited at trade shows everywhere.

Single spout faucet

product in kitchenKitchen professionals and households use the K7 for their enjoyment and to facilitate their culinary activities. With such a device set up on the kitchen sink, doing the dishes, cleaning your products for a culinary preparation should not be a problem. Its design makes it even easier to clean the different ingredients of chefs, such as vegetables, salads … but also the filling of large sinks. This efficiency is ensured by the actions of its two jets coming from the pull down sprayer. Users can choose between a fine evaporation jet or a strong jet of water.

Anyone who has been able to install this appliance is no longer put off by dishes. Durable use is possible thanks to its shiny chrome finish. The installation should not be a problem if you refer to the supplied guide and you just need to use a wrench. There is no need for a plumber to install the K7.

This mixer is economical because it is equipped with a stop flow limiter. This allows a precise and accurate control of the flow and temperature of the water used in the kitchen. Drinking water directly from this tap should not be a problem because Speed Clean technology makes it possible to remove the limestone with a simple finger gesture.

The professional chefs can access this sophisticated equipment at a price that is still affordable compared to the more modern chrome kitchen faucets. The users of this product have given it a high rating. This tap is one of the best value for money. Professionals can save time with the K7, a product for professional use which is however advised to individuals.


Color: chrome.
Finish: brass.
Components included: product, instruction manual for assembly.


Durable shine.
Single spout.
High-end product.
Installation guide that is clear and easy to install and does not require the help of a professional plumbing for installation.


Position is not too practical to increase the flow of water and thus the consumption. Not recommended for a sink placed in front of the window because it is a very big tap.


To ensure a constant flow of water during use of this mixer, it is strongly recommended to calibrate this appliance. It is enough just to order the temperature of the hot water supplier and that of the mixer.

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