What are some kitchen faucet accessories?

Indispensable or not, the accessories of faucets exist to make the life of the user easier. There are many to choose from nowadays that I will run through quickly a few that you are likely to come across.

Temperature controllers

They prevent accidental burning by accidentally pushing the hot water knob. They are able to sense when the temperature is getting too hot and turn down the flow of hot water so that the user isn’t burned.

The aerator

The objective of the aerator is to reduce your water bill by limiting water consumption through a piece of hardware that is made to make the water flow through a bunch of tiny holes. This action makes the water flow slow down greatly and therefore gentler on the hands and dishes.

The pull down shower

faucet accessoriesFormerly rare on taps, some manufacturers now offer it as standard for 2-basin sinks. The hand shower extends the faucet cleaning area by a great deal and provides access (through connections) to parts of the sink that were previously unable to be cleaned.

Faucet filters

They prevent the impurities from the water from passing through the tap. Limestone, other impurities, lead, mercury and other stuff are all very unhealthy and can be very bad if ingested in the tap water. The filters work by using a cartridge and a filter which are placed under the spout of the tap. The water runs through and the impurities are trapped inside the filter, keeping the user safe.

Removable kitchen faucet

A removable faucet can be the solution that you’ve always needed if your sink is placed in front of or under a window. The valve then folds sideways to facilitate the opening of the tap.

Soap and detergent dispensers

They are usually located at the faucet spout and operate at the touch of a finger sometimes. More elegant than the traditional detergents placed beside the faucet, they are also aesthetic and practical because they allow an additional space saving around the area of the faucet.

The LED faucet

It has a LED light on the spout or faucet head, which starts when the tap is used or simply by pressing a button on the back of the faucet. The LEDs often have different colors and can look quite cool.

I hope that you enjoyed these different accessories for your faucets. If you want to see more faucets then you know where to go.