Kitchen faucet thermostats: Are they necessary?

The installation of a thermostatic mixing valve in the kitchen is not very popular for a few reasons. One is because the water usage is usually so varied (cold water and hot water), a conventional faucet is sufficient for most people that prefer a product that is affordable and gets the job done. Thermostatic faucets are installed in bathrooms, kitchens and more particularly in showers and sinks. They are generally used in bathroom taps. However, some thermostatic faucets have a good spout and their configuration makes them able to be installed in a sink.

A thermostatic mixer allows people to regulate the temperature according to the user by changing the flow of cold water and hot water. It is on the one hand very practical but also very safe. A thermostatic product has two handles, a first where the temperature is precisely adjusted, the handle controls in degrees Celsius the flow of hot water. The main advantage of a thermostatic mixer is that the temperature of the outlet water is always at the desired temperature that is needed. Lets face it who wants to wash their hands with freezing cold water in the middle of winter? Also the reverse can be said. On those hot water days we might want to have freezing cold water to cool down.

By limiting the temperature, the thermostatic mixing valve is actually able to prevent burns and in particular, on old installations where the means of producing hot water (boilers and water heaters) are outdated and not equipped with devices for limiting the temperature at the outlet. For this reason, the thermostatic mixing valve is not only recommended but almost a necessity for children and the elderly. If you go to almost any old folks home you will see what I mean here. You simply cant take the risk of someone burning themselves accidentally.

Is a thermostatic kitchen faucet worth it?

So the verdict… Should you really spend the money to get a thermostatic kitchen faucet? In my humble opinion you should if you have young kids of older people that will be using it regularly. If you do not have these kinds of people using it then I don’t think that you need to spend the extra money on one of these types of faucets.

They can be kind of expensive after all so just use your best judgement and get a faucet that is right for your needs. Click here to see more of these options.