Kraus KPF-2110 Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Review

The Kraus KPF-2110 has a lot of the features that people love in a kitchen faucet.  It is a pull out style of faucet which means that you  pull the handle out to start the water.  Lets cut to the chase, is this faucet any good?  Keep reading…

Features of the Kraus KPF-2110 Pull Out Faucet

Flow control is good with the single lever style that is pretty common these days because of the simplicity and lower amount of parts.  Less moving parts equals less things to break!

The attractive brass construction is lead free for you and your families safety and will resist corrosion.  The parts of this faucet are all high quality and wont break down easily, you can expect this one to last quite a while.  That annoying drip that occurs with other cheaper faucets is a thing of the past with the Kraus, as it includes a precision ceramic cartridge which strengthens it and enables it to withstand high pressure.

It is able to swivel fully so that you can access those tough to reach areas of the sink and get to the dishes.  This comes in really handy if you have a bigger sink.  The pull out sprayer has two different functions with an aerated stream for easier cleaning, as well as a powerful stream for those stubborn dishes.   The sprayer also has a counter weight with secure docking so it wont be going anywhere when you aren’t using it.

Installation of this unit is easy as it gets and comes with the necessary hardware that you will need.  It is a single hole mount, which are known as being easy to install.  If you are worried about hard water then you can get a model that comes with an easy clean rubber nozzle.  If you already have a water softener then you can get one without the nozzle.

This faucet is 11 inches high and the spout height is 7.5 inches.  The spout reach is 9 inches, which isn’t as long as other models, but still gives enough length to get the job done most of the time.  The flow rate is the standard 1.8 gallon per minute (gpm) that should be powerful enough for most peoples needs.

Kraus provides a limited lifetime warranty for the product although it doesn’t transfer to new owners.  This means that you shouldn’t buy this used or you can’t use the warranty should a problem arise.


  • Able to swivel fully
  • Easy clean rubber nozzle prevents hard water build up
  • Made with quality parts that last a long time
  • Easy installation



  • Warranty doesn’t transfer to new owners
  • Spray head is a little heavier than other models
  • Pull out nozzle might not be long enough for some people

Is It Worth It?

The short answer is yes.  If you are looking for a pull out style faucet made with high quality parts then the Kraus 2110 is a solid choice.  The only reason this product might not be good for some people is if the nozzle isn’t long enough for their needs.  Go here for more reviews