How to maintain a kitchen faucet

For optimal operation of your kitchen faucet or simply for it to last a long time, a minimum of maintenance is necessary or even just making small simple repairs. Small maintenance operations go a long way!

Cleaning the faucet

Something that most people simply don’t think to do is to clean their kitchen faucet. The exterior of the faucet should be cleaned with a soft sponge and water or mild soap to preserve the surface finishes and plastic parts. A soft cloth is ideal to give back to the chrome. If the water is hard, an anti-limestone can be used. Almost any kind of cloth will do here though. You can just go to your local department store and pick up some kind of rag or cloth.

After you have cleaned the exterior you need to clean the interior as well. This is a bit harder but still doable. First learn how to disassemble the faucet and clean the parts with either vinegar or some kind of special cleaning chemical made just for kitchen hardware. The type of chemical you get will depend on the material that it is made of. Stainless steel and ceramic will need very different cleaners.

Thermostat maintenance

Regularly place the thermostat in a cold position and allow a little water to run to operate the temperature changing. This is important because you don’t want it to be out of operation for too long. It’s necessary for the kitchen faucet thermostat to operate at least once in awhile for it to run at optimal temperature.

Maintenance of the valve

The valve must be cleaned regularly by removing it and then plunging it into white vinegar. The vinegar acts almost like a kind of soap and enables the faucet valve to be cleaned to almost good as new.

Replacing valves and cartridges

Small operations can be performed to fix a malfunctioning faucet. The most common operation is the changing of the valves. The valves are rubber discs located at the end of the valve heads. They may lose their flexibility, become clogged with time and generate a leak. The fix for this is easy, all you have to do is go to the local hardware store and pick up the necessary part. Just ask the technician on staff what kind to get and they should be able to point you in the right direction. It should be noted that on a ceramic disc faucet, the head must be changed in the event of any damage.

In the case of a serious malfunction, the cartridge must also be changed on a mixing valve, provided that you are able to get the part that is needed.

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